SUPERFLEX presents Superfake/The Parley at Lunds Konsthall

SUPERFLEX’s exhibition ‘Superfake/The Parley’, specially produced for Lunds konsthall, originated in a presentation earlier this year at the Arizona State University Art Museum in Tempe, Arizona, USA. It was based on the discovery that one of the museum‘s key works, the painting Pioneer and the Indian (1903) by the famous American artist Frederic Remington, was a fake, and on the wide-ranging political and economic consequences of this disclosure.


Scientific examination of ‘Pioneer and the Indian’ by Frederic Remington

The painting depicts a peace offering before a meeting between two men on horseback, who here represent the native population and those more recently arrived. It is an image of a mythical and fictionalised Wild West, a historical motif that has been endlessly copied and reproduced. Yet today’s spectator is sure to pick up its problematic undertone: the Old West as a constantly encroaching territorial power. Remington’s depictions of ‘Indians and Cowboys’ are so well known and so widespread that they have helped shape the perception of the great American West throughout the world.

The exhibition at Lunds konsthall is specifically spun around this painting’s specific destiny of having been degraded to the status of fake copy and how the well-known American vision of history the painting represents may be transferred to a Swedish context. Swedes migrated in great numbers to the United States a hundred years ago, but what is their relation to American culture today? What is the problematic around this? Which migrations do people in Sweden experience today? How does Sweden address issues of national belonging and identity? How does it define authenticity and value?

Exhibition runs from 28 May – 18 September 2016

Lunds konsthall
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