AdeY (UK) and Birk Thomassen (DK)

December 1 – December 22 2018

NW Gallery
Nansensgade 10
DK-1366 Copenhagen K

Exhibition period December 1 – December 22

How, and when, do we feel free?
In intimate relations and in the world around us?
An exhibition focusing on the concept of freedom; of body and mind.

The artists AdeY (UK) and Birk Thomassen (DK) both work with photography as their main medium.

AdeY, with his background as a dancer and choreographer, investigates and visualises the human body as sculptural form. Naked bodies in solitude or in movement with others, to show our diversity, and equality as human beings. Performatively staged, in relation to the surrounding space.

Birk works with photography in a direct and intuitive form, often touching upon the theme of identity. In this exhibition he explores the concept of freedom in an expressive and sensual way: The immediate experience of tension and release.