Transitions – Carl Østberg

Opening May 24 17.00 – 20.00
On View May 25 – June 8 2019

The streets are getting wider and my body is warm. My muscles are awake and I feel myself getting more and more connected. The rapid sound is intensifying, and I keep pushing to keep up the speed. I don’t know how far this street is or which areas it will guide me to. A smooth lane welcomes me as I drift down the street. A parked scooter covered in plastic wrapping with a thin rope tightened around it, kind of choking the bike, I feel it in my throat. Looking forward as I travel, hoping to be guided towards what lays ahead in this unknown endless maze. I have already let go of control.
Carl Østberg, 2019

Over the last two years Østberg’s artistic practice has been mainly exploring our perception on street photography where physicality is centred. His research interests are the notion of space in the urban landscape. Studying urban structures’ effect on individual behaviours and within social groups. Having a background as a skater, Østberg uses the skateboard and the camera as extensions of his body. He traverses through personally unknown European urban areas on a skateboard where directions and release of shutter are driven by emotional and physical impulses. Resulting in mapped journeys in various quantities and qualities. Focusing to give a physical experience for the viewer.
Carl Østberg (1990, Oslo) will receive his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at the Malmö Art Academy in June 2019. Østberg lives and works in Malmö.

Transitions – Carl Østberg

Master’s Degree in Fine Arts Exhibition.
Malmö Art Academy.

KHM1 Gallery
Friisgatan 15B, Malmö.