Jane Marshall Whittaker and Nicky De Silva: The Anatomy of…

The Anatomy of Innocence and Experience

Sted Ivan Grundahl Gallery
Adresse Niels Hemmingsens Gade 4, 1153 København K
Periode 05.06.2015
Åbningstid Fredag 10-18

Beauty is how we choose to perceive it and not a false imitation. Beauty defies absolute definition and when shown in it’s natural state has the power to liberate and there we find a deeper understanding of ourselves. The removal of the common place veil of beauty as we have come to accept it, permits a reacquaintance with ourselves as beings. The work is an attempt to show the complexities of our natural bodies caught in a state of natural metaphysical beauty in juxta-position with familiar elements of religious idolatry, pagan wor-ship, ritual and fetishism. It acts as a reminder of our classical conditioning and im-printing on how we judge what is beautiful or appealing.Within the images we try to find reconnection with our human selves.

Text written by Jane Marshall Whittaker

Photo: Jane Marshall Whittaker and Nicky De Silva