Apparition of a Distance
Andreas Olesen

Buddenbrooks Gallery
Kjeld Langes Gade 4
1367 København K

14th of September until the 13th of October 2018

When we talk about the source of a photograph, an interesting question arises: Where, exactly, is the photograph? Is it expressed through it’s manifestations, or is it the source material created upon its capture? Apparition of a Distance is an edition of photographic works, but not in the usual way. My goal is two pronged: to break down the notion of where a photograph is, and to support the above goal by refiguring the role of an edition. Instead of identical copies from a master print, each and every way I can come up with expressing a photograph is valid. I will leave it up to the viewer to see if they can find where the photograph is.

Andreas Olesen’s work is preoccupied with the diversity of meaning inherent to photography. He works to blend historical and contemporary ideas of what photography means to us in order to create new meaning. He works primarily with analog photography, cultural objects, historical images and photographic technology.

Andreas was born in San Francisco in 1981. He attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The show Apparition of a Distance will run from the 14th of September until the 13th of October.