Fra 18.03 til 18.05

Gallery Studio488
Buenos Aires, Argentina

IMBO is an exhibition project by Juan Hein with the curatorial work by Romina Resuche, specially conceived it as a site-specific for the gallery space Studio488 in Buenos Aires. LIMBO puts in dialogue two series by Hein, Clouds and bombs and How to die and so emerges a new concept and experience. The show runs until the end of May 2016.

“In Clouds and bombs, Juan Hein is looking for being precise, to experience one more plastic permission, to create from the existent and from the others but public. He includes in this process the force to the mind. The way how Hein is searching is what determines a possible result, not the image, which can get in and out from the beautification of the horror to the straight and simple beauty. Here the work of capture is about the deconstruction of the first image -from its context and signified- and from its re-location (by aesthetic camouflage or formal similitude) in a mixture that contains the oscillation tension-expansion. Consequently the author’s question dies or lives in a perdurable object.

How to die is many walks through the Assistens Kirkegaard, a cemetery in Copenhagen, inhabited and daily used as a space to make contact with nature in the city. Ways of being, and ways of getting related, with and within a specific context. The possibility for the technical mistake therefore, within an essay about to be present results existentially coherent. Each image could exist by its own. An analogical work within its photographic construction and its vivid way of existence, with the impermanence as a motive, exhibited in a fading airy manner.

LIMBO makes these two faces of the author -series made from opposition of materials and existence- to lie down on the same field, one that crosses their destiny of being exhibited, in order to be experienced, from their individual powerful potentials.”

Romina Resuche, curator